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Foilmaker Release 1.7.4

Allows the seperation between the power lines to be set by the user instead of being auto-calculated by Foilmaker.

Download Foilmaker 1.7.4 full setup program (2.2 MB)

Download Foilmaker 1.7.4 executable only (300 KB)


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Foilmaker Manual

A 40+ page manual, full of tips & design ideas. French and Dutch versions of the manual are also available.

View the manual (PDF format, 700KB)

Download the manual (Zipped PDF format, 560KB)


redball.gif (263 bytes) Sample Profiles. Ten zillion sample airfoil profiles in Foilmaker .pfl format, all zipped up into Some are useful for kites, many more are not.  

Download Sample Profiles (650 KB)


redball.gif (263 bytes) Virtual Reality Viewer. To get the best out of Foilmaker, you must make use of the virtual reality (VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language) output feature. Several VRML viewers are available as browser plug-ins. I used to use and recommend CosmoViewer from SGI, which is also free. However, it's been discontinued so I've now switched to Contorta by Parallel Graphics. Google for the latest version or get version 4.2 here.

Download Contorta VRML Client 4.2 (1.6 MB)